Just A Word...

The main purpose of advertising is to persuade you, the consumer, to purchase a particular product or service from a manufacture or provider. Even my ten year old granddaughter has learned to discern between a “want” and a “need” and she is sharp enough to recognize which things she or we could do without. Even she can recognize one of the silly advertising claims she hears. One of the main motivations used by companies to prompt  you to buy their wares is the idea that after using what they have, your life and world will never again be the same. For the last two months I have been watching commercials (which I hate) and listening for their main “pitch line,” the slogan designed to move their product into your “need” list. One of the most common is, “This will change your life.” So far I have heard that claim applied to a laxative, a custom closet, a luxury car, an air conditioning unit, a dating service, bananas, a clothing line, makeup, bread, a rehab center, an insurance policy, a home security system, a cell phone, a home security monitoring system, house siding and windows, a book on getting wealthy, a pill to stop smoking, a prayer cloth supposedly “blessed” by a televangelist, a vacation resort, cranberry juice, and… well you get the idea. The value of some of these is dubious at best. There are certainly varying degrees of reality to the claims that things will really change your life. 

In fact, however, none of them address the real issue of “changing your life” Ultimately, the thing that changes your life must work on the supernatural level. Those who have made a moral mess of their lives, those who find themselves completely unfulfilled even after making an exhaustive search of the worlds of philosophy, materialism, learning, sensuality, strange religion, skepticism, outright atheism, rebellion or social activism can still find something to change their lives by changing their hearts. Those who have tentatively explored the edges of Christian faith but made no absolute commitment to the person of Christ, for them there is also hope for changes, for a deep, abiding fulfillment in life. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Any man (person) who is in Christ Jesus, is a new creation, old things are passed away, all things are become new.” Real change is an issue of changing the source of our trust and our worship, of starting after a new purpose, of having a new life, love and loyalty, new desires, new values, and, most basically, a new heart and soul. What Christ offers is all of this and more. He offers life so new it is called being “born again.” 

When we invite him into our lives and begin to follow him as Lord, he gives us a new sense of inner fulfillment simply because we grow to know the One who created us for his own purpose. We gain a personal relationship with the One who is the source of life. He changes our will. The Bible says “God works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Then, what God wants and what we want become the same. He puts the nature of Jesus into us, whose will is to do the will of the Father. Christ changes our perspective on eternity. He causes us to want to do things that will have an impact on forever, on other people’s lives, not just on our own, on people’s souls and not simply on our own pocket book or our own pleasure centers. Then he gives us the power to do those things which are right, lasting and truly satisfying. 

I think it goes without saying that which laxative we use or what model car we drive are not likely to bring about deep inner change. The slogans that imply they will, are gratuitous at best and deceitful at worst. A relationship with Christ can, however, satisfy the longings within, quell our fears, encourage our spirits, and empower our steps, to say nothing of altering our destiny. 

Do you need a real “change in life?” Receive Christ, and follow him closely. Do you know someone who needs to experience this kind of change? Share this article with them. Tell them about your own spiritual journey. Many people are longing for what you have and would receive it if you make the first move and offer it. After all, everybody wants to really live as long as they are physically alive and for eternity afterwards!    

Dr. Stewart B. Simms