Just A Word...

A mile or so from my home is a distribution center for one of the privately owned package delivery services that have become alternatives to the United States Postal Service (USPS). Because of the effectiveness, efficiency and economic superiority of these services, the USPS has been forced to retool their equipment and refine their product in order to remain relevant and competitive. And though the postal service continues to report financial losses their service has improved.

The other morning when I left home for an early morning doctor’s appointment, I came to a traffic light. To my right was a line of bulky looking brown delivery trucks from one of those “interloper companies (you know the one) that has now become a fixture on the daily American scene. The line of approximately twenty trucks, snaked back from the traffic light almost three blocks. Headlight to taillight they waited, all having left the depot at the same time, all off to their daily routes, working together, seeming to be dependent on each other because of their closeness. It struck me that these must be some sort of fraternity among these drivers. They work for the same owner. They work incredibly hard. They work long hours. They have a system, carefully planned and followed to make their company and their service as efficient as possible.

I must admit, at first I thought of the long lines of brown ants I saw around my house and even on my kitchen counter tops occasionally this past fall. Like the drivers, the ants worked hard and long, they were never lazy, and they worked together. Like uniformed drivers, they looked a great deal alike. Then, since God in His word often uses ants as examples to human beings, I thought about the people of God.

We are called to work together, supremely together in the fulfillment of a kingdom calling. We are also encouraged to be efficient, finding our main purpose and fulfilling it in the best way possible, which of course is evangelizing and disciplining the world. We are called to labor even if it means dirty hands, tired feet or cracking voices. And did I mention we are to work together, in cooperation with and support for each other?

Paul the Apostle, commended the Christians in Thessalonica with these words, “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” ( 1 Thessalonians 1:3).

We certainly have no “Christian uniform” where we have to look alike. We remain individuals, each doing the work of the kingdom in his or her own way, using their own talents and gifts. But with a mutual effort, mutual love, mutual support and mutual sacrifice, we can do the job our Lord has given us, winning at least our part of the world to Him.

We have banded together to defeat our mutual enemy, the kingdom of darkness. This is about so much more than earning people’s money and business. It is about transforming their lives and their external destinies!

I was a little intimidated when I pulled up next to the long line of trucks, all working together for the same purpose. I didn’t want to get between them or behind them! I believe Satan is genuinely afraid of believers who are together, working for Jesus and being faithful to Him. He would try to get between us and cut us off from each other. But we will not allow him , will we?

The company to which I am referring is called a “courier service.” We are couriers of the message of salvation. Their purpose statement is, “We enable global commerce.” As a church our purpose statement is to, “Share Christ and share our church everyday.” Surely with the external purpose given to us we can and must outcare and outwork anyone!

 In Christ, Pastor Simms