Just A Word...

I practically choked on my Planet Smoothie drink when I heard the commercial on the radio. It was the week before Easter Sunday, often called “Holy Week” by many. But the lady on talk radio with the extreme southern accent said, “Here it is, bunny week again!” Obviously rabbits and baby chickens and even ducklings have been associated with Easter for years, but at least most people still said, “Easter.” No time for a detailed description here of how the meaning of “Easter” has changed, but again the term was used. I have never heard of “bunny week.”

I know about “Turkey Day” for Thanksgiving, and “Winter Break” for Christmas. They both cheapen the day they denote. But now another of our remaining sacred days has been derogatorially reduced to silliness in the minds of the general public. It is, of course, all in the name of “political correctness” (P.C.). I am certainly aware that not all Americans celebrate Easter. People of other faiths have their holy days, but I don’t recall any effort to redact or replace their names. We are so afraid of “offending anyone” (I wish I could convey sarcasm on paper when writing that) that we are acting like people devoid of any common sense. People want the names of our holy days changed to avoid “offending anyone” that has moved here. Would you move to Iraq, then lobby to have the name “Ramadan” changed? Not if you wanted to keep in touch with your head!

From our generally Christian beginnings as a nation we have celebrated “Easter” - the marking of Christs’ resurrection from the dead. Some have ignored the religions meaning and made this season a celebration of all things new, or awakened after sleeping, like green grass after brown, or butterflies emerging from cocoons. But the meaning is what we have declared it to be, the acknowledgement that death, hell and sin have been deflated by the emergence of the Son of God from a dark, dank tomb. That is the heart of our ancient faith. Its what you get if you live here. Deal with it! His resurrection means we have more reason to hope than to mope.

Almost twenty years ago now, a fiery and controversial radio talk show host in Atlanta said that “political correctness will bring the death of this country.” Indeed it may. We can’t defeat an enemy we can’t call by its name. So some political leaders refuse to speak of terrorism, or to identify one of our nations enemies as “radical Islamic jihadists.” It must be humorous to the jihadists. They go to great lengths to make themselves look like what they are, but we see them as no different than eighty year old grandmothers with blue hair, riding in wheel chairs. The grandmothers get searched while the likely terrorist candidates scoot on by, lest we “offend” someone.

Have we gone completely mad? We pray for the people of Belgium after the attacks there, but what of the reason for those horrible events was the laid back, namby pamby attitude of the Belgian government and law enforcement personnel toward terrorists and their cruel and deadly activities. They wanted to be seen as a completely non-hostile totally accepting country which will not check up or look in on anyone. A lack of infiltration, intelligence being developed and shared, and forceful reactions helped create the climate for this attack to occur.

Many people, especially liberals, simply do not grasp the fact that radical Muslims want to conquer the world and will do it using whatever means necessary. They will not be stopped by “make nice” conferences and giving in to their demands. But again political correctness gets in our way. We are forbidden to lump all people into one group.

P.C. has affected the church. Sin is simply being “morally challenged” or acting under the effects of lack of opportunity or lack of social justice. “Salvation” is reduced to “transformation of actions by increased self-esteem.” “Hell” doesn’t exist and “repentance” means “a new appreciation of your worth.” The only way to deal with a sick world is by a powerful treatment. In our world that “treatment” is the preaching of the Gospel and of repentance. Until we come to our senses, all we will get for our political correctness is more national chaos.

Dr. Stewart B. Simms, Jr.